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My name is Tre Moore and I am based in North Chicago. My full-time work is in Missions. I have a Biblical Education from the Forerunner School of Ministry in Kansas City, MO. And I am currently attending the Professional Christian Coaching Institute as I get my ICF (International Coaching Federation) license.  


I find joy in playing music and sports. I am an avid Cubs fan and regularly attend games at Wrigley Field. 


I believe in Life Coaching. I have personally received Life Coaching and have seen success in those that I have coached. 


Student Coach

In 2016, I offered Life Coaching to College students. Throughout this process, I noticed something: Many of the situations and issues that college students were struggling with came from a lack of coaching in their High School years. As High School students, many young adults make foolish decisions. They never learned to be in charge of their desires and their decisions. 


As a result, I started "Student Coach", a six-week course for high school and college students. The purpose was to come alongside students both High School and college to teach them how to be emotionally connected, to manage their time, and to have purpose for their lives. 

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